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Learn how Light Pollution Threatens Your Health as well as the wildlife that we share the planet with. Sea Turtles are at particular risk.

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You can call us at: (877) 604-7377

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    "Starry Night Lights provided especially timely and attentive follow-up through the entire transaction. This assisted me in knowing how my order was progressing and when I could expect delivery.

    "Products were shipped in excellent condition, priced well, and met all of my expectations. I would suggest Starry Night Lights to anybody."

    "A very favorable experience overall. Information at website was complete and detailed, and the product I received was precisely as shown on the site. A personal e-mail from the company president was received shortly after my order was submitted, and it was clear that immediate help would be available if I had any questions or concerns. Order was delivered in perfect condition, within the specified time frame."

    "Starry Night Lights fills an important need for sky-friendly lighting by offering a wide range of products in one place. After looking for months I found what I needed here. They were quick and conscientious about responding to my questions, even though it was just a small sale for them. The quality met or exceeded what I expected and the service was the best. The only (slight) slowdown was getting the product from the manufacturer to Starry Night. I would highly recommend this vendor." Vickie

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