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Light Pollution and Sea Turtles

Light pollution is at the heart of the decline of sea turtles. It impacts their nesting habits... and the ability of young hatchlings to survive. By using only turtle friendly outdoor lighting products, you can help this beautiful creature to recover.

FWC Marine Turtle ProgramImproper outdoor lighting is probably one of the greatest issues affecting sea turtles - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Starry Night Lights is working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help make turtle friendly lighting products available to communities that border sea turtle breeding grounds.

Sea TurtlesLight pollution from local communities is  threatening large segments of the sea turtle population. In fact, all sea turtles in Florida are either classified as threatened or endangered. For more information about the danger of lighting to turtles,  checkout

Also, a great technical piece for those interested in more information was written by Mark Nicholas entitled "Light Pollution and Marine Turtle Hatchlings". Mark discusses how sea turtles evolved to head for the brightest horizons at birth... generally towards the ocean. By lighting up our beachside roadways and condominiums, we've dramatically altered the environments in which hatchlings find themselves... and dramatically reduced their chances of survival.

By insisting on turtle friendly outdoor lighting, you can help these and many other species cope with human encroachment of their habitats.

Turtle Friendly Outdoor Light FixtureLet's start things off with a seriously turtle friendly light fixture from the folks over at AC Lighting Design.

Sea Turtle Friendly Outdoor Light ShadeHere's another great idea from the folks at Progress Lighting. This Sea Turtle friendly outdoor light shade provides additional shielding of the light source to achieve "turtle-friendly" illumination.


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