Where have all the fireflies gone ?

11/1/15 - Recently, a customer in Connecticut was asking me about the impact of light pollution on fireflies.  She noted, growing up fireflies were plentiful, but that her 8 year old had never seen one.  I thought back, and the last time I personally saw fireflies was in 2009 in Andover, MA when visiting with the group of best friends from college.

The customer noted that she read somewhere that light pollution was one of the causes, and she felt that the practice of using insecticides on mosquitoes to prevent the spread of West Nile virus was taking its toll also.

Anyone out there have some insight into this phenomenon ?  I'd hate to think that we are so selfish that we wouldn't reduce the amount of light we generate outside our homes to allow the next generations of children to love sitting outside and marveling at the blinking fireflies.

Any thoughts or knowledge in this area so we can help spread the word and start to reverse the disappearance of these fun little insects ?